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Dec. 24: The Judge Is Born

The idea of something as vulnerable as a baby being our judge and bringing light to a gloomy world is uniquely Christian. Readings from this service: Isaiah 9: 2-7 Psalm 98: 1-3 Luke 2: 1-20…

Nov. 23/24: The Convicted Judge

We begin our Advent season series this week as we celebrate Christ the King Sunday. Christ the King Sunday is a time to remember that although Jesus looked like a criminal, he is now enthroned as judge & king. He …

Nov. 16/17: The Compassion of God

Have we reckoned with the scale of the seriousness of unforgiveness? The world is perishing, we have been given a message of forgiveness, but sometimes we act as though we’d rather they didn’t hear it! Readings from this service: Jonah …