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Confirmation @ Christ Church

Confirmation @ Christ Church

Confirmation is a public celebration of faith in Christ. For those who were baptized as infants, it is a claiming of the promises made for you by your godparents. For those who were baptized as adults, it is a way of confirming your baptismal promises. Do you remember those promises? In Baptism we renounce Satan, and all the forces of evil, and turn to the Lord Jesus with trust and obedience. In Baptism we first lay hold of these promises, in Confirmation we stand up and say, “Yes! Jesus is my Lord!” As we say these words with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we confirm our status as a member of the body of Christ.

In order to be confirmed, students in the 8th grade (and up) will participate in our Youth Alpha or Soul courses. These courses cover all the basics of Christianity, while giving students a chance to ask hard questions about what they believe. Students will need to take the Youth Alpha course in the fall, including attending the retreat. After taking the course, students are required to be a member of the leadership team for the Youth Alpha course in the spring. Being a member of the leadership team teaches the students what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ, and encourages them to continue a life of service as one of Christ’s disciples. There will also be at least one additional class held before confirmation, to familiarize candidates with the Prayer Book and with the ceremony itself. This new format allows for winter sports schedules. It also brings the candidates into the existing youth community at Christ Church, which continues year round. We hope that this will encourage candidates to continue in their discipleship after Confirmation.

Signing up for this program does not mean that a candidate will necessarily participate in the rite of Confirmation. Please be assured that anyone who is not ready, or who is not comfortable participating, will not be pressured to continue. However, in order to be confirmed, the candidate must complete the program. We ask that those preparing for Confirmation do not miss more than three classes in these courses.

The Rite of Confirmation will be held in the spring, at Pentecost, when our Bishop comes for his annual visit.