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Fall Festival: Oct. 19

Join us from 6-9pm as we welcome friends & family to enjoy fun, food, music & good company! Local band Acoustic Diversion will perform throughout the evening. Pot luck dinner (drinks provided.)

Youth Group Fall Course

The Youth Group has started a new course for fall! Explore the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and discover the best news you’ve ever heard. It’s news about God. It’s news about you. And all of it is about Jesus. Explore the identity, mission and call of Jesus through the book of Mark.

SWAG (our middle-school-only class!)

Our weekly Sunday morning class for middle schoolers only—SWAG (Saved with Amazing Grace)—is back in action! The group will be working in the book of Acts for the next few months. Kids meet in Classroom 1 on the third floor from 10-10:40am on Sunday mornings.

2020 Giving

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Oct. 13: The Storm Calms

The Psalm imagines the believer reaching their desired haven. Ironically, in some ways, this will be the last place Jonah wanted to be. The calming of the storm reveals to the men that Jonah’s god is in fact The God and is to be feared more even than the storm. Readings from this service: Jonah 1: 11-16 Psalm 107: 28-30 Matthew 8: 23-27

Oct 5/6: Fleeing from God

We now find out that Jonah is not only fleeing from the task God gave him, but indeed from God himself. We cannot escape God, who does exactly as he wants and indeed sometimes even calls us to preach forgiveness. Readings from this service: Jonah 1: 3-10 Psalm 135: 5-7 John 3: 8

Sept. 28/29: Fleeing from the Job

We’re not told why Jonah flees, we’re only told what he flees from—the job that God gave him. Later he claims he was fleeing from the job because he knew it would succeed. Like us, Jonah struggles with many aspects of the forgiveness of God. Readings from this service: Jonah 1: 1-3 Psalm 139: 6-9 Matthew 28: 6-9

Sept. 21/22: Upsold on the Gospel!

Though Paul had it all, when he realized the surpassing value of Christ, everything else became devalued. What do we value and how much are we prepared to stretch to get it? Why should we value the Ggospel more than all other things? And what difference does it make now to receive the Gospel? Readings from this week’s service: Philippians 3: 4b-11 Psalm 4: 6-8 Matthew 6: 25-34


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