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(Nerf) Hunger Games

This Saturday the middle and high school youth groups will meet together outside the DH for a Nerf War to end all Nerf Wars! Friends welcome. Registration required. Guests will need to bring a signed copy of our Release Form if their parents aren’t dropping them off.

New Book Study: The Color of Compromise

In the light of the horrible injustices that have been revealed in the last couple of weeks, many white Christians are asking, “What can I do?” We will not solve this issue overnight, and we will not in our own strength bring about the reconciliation of racial and social divides. But one thing we can do is listen, learn to understand, and to repent of our complicity with injustice. To that end, I want to invite you into conversation to…

Level III Instructions

Updated July 6 General Information: the building is still closed with exceptions by appointment pastoral care and small groups will take place by phone or online where reasonable in person visits are available if needed (outside where possible) small groups can meet in person outside (registration required & follow any group rules) services will still be broadcast live Holy Communion will still be available each week outside at the end of the service drive-thru Holy Communion is available in-person Holy…

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Aug. 2: I Will Give You Myself

Thyatira is like the opposite of Ephesus (good love and poor doctrine.) They are called no longer to tolerate evil, otherwise they will receive tribulation, sickness, and death. But if they hold fast to the truth Jesus will give them authority and even himself. Readings from this service: Revelation 2: 18-29 Psalm 2: 7-12 John 15: 1-6

July 26: I Will Name You

Pergamum knows it is in a world where Satan has great power but is commended for faith in a hostile situation. But false teaching has come in. Christ promises either war against the false or the right to be name by him before God. Readings from this service: Revelation 2: 12-17 Psalm 25: 7-12 John 6: 48-58

July 19: I Will Crown You

To the church in Smyrna: Jesus knows intimately every struggle, temptation, and hardship you endure. His call is to be faithful, even unto death, just as He has been. Th eternal reward is worth the cost. Readings from this service: Revelation 2: 8-11 Psalm 73: 22-28 Matthew 10: 26-31

July 12: I Will Grant You Life

In the second part of the  I WILL series, we are looking to Revelation where “I Am” continues to say “I Will.” In each of the seven parts of the letter, Jesus makes the promises of God and gives two alternative and contingent promises of life or death. Ephesus has good doctrine but is poor at loving. If they persevere, they will be granted to eat of the tree of life (which takes us back to the account of Eve),…


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