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Adult Forum

Adult Forum

Please note: the Adult Forum is not currently meeting. Listen in to our Bible Study Podcast each week for a discussion of the scriptures from the weekend’s sermon.

All are welcome to our adult bible study, which meets every Sunday from 9:15-9:45am in the Parish Hall.

Each weekend we select our readings and music carefully as part of a clear preaching and teaching series from scripture. But we have found that often believers mature more rapidly in their faith when they gather together to apply a sermon and to explore the scriptures in a more interactive setting like the Adult Forum.

The Adult Forum is a growing ministry for growing people and anyone* can come each Sunday or just dip into it from time to time when a particular subject is of real interest to them (*providing they are an adult… obviously).

The group is usually led by the preacher of the day and it’s a great way to explore some of the more difficult aspects of scripture that we can’t always cover in a sermon. It’s also an opportunity for members of our two Sunday congregations to get to know one another in a setting of study and fellowship.

So please feel free to pick up some refreshments from the parlor, and bring them with you into the parish hall along with your bible a bulletin and a pen.

Rev. Alex