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From the Rector

From the Rector

June 2021

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Despite the inconvenience of the last year, many of us have grown in our faith. This is no surprise because hard times tend to build up those who learn to adapt, focus on the main thing, and draw nearer to God.

As churches start to reopen more, and remove the worst of their restrictions, it’s clear that some will not make it, but others will thrive in this new time because their core has been strengthened through hardship.

Our church is like that. In recent months we’ve welcomed new people each week, baptized new believers, heard testimonies, and witnessed some serious re-commitments to Jesus. We’ve also seen some encouraging online stats as those who could not be here, remained connected through the broadcasts, podcasts, satellite services at Longwood, and serving drive-thru communion.

At the same time, some of us have gotten into a rut. We’ve slipped away and grown cold. We have lost out on church life and we might indeed have lost life in Christ himself.

Therefore, for all of us, no matter where we are in our faith, this is a great moment to start again. So, on June 12 we’ll begin a five-week series on membership as we look at what it means to be a member of Christ, and then specifically what it means to be a member here at Christ Church.

At the end of this series, on July 10 and 11—Membership Weekend—we’ll be clearing our entire roll of members and asking everyone to join, whether they’ve been here for decades, or just a few weeks. I’m the pastor here, and even I will be joining.

This will enable us to serve people better, as we’ll know the expectations people have. Once we have a firm grasp of who wants to be involved, we’ll be focusing on how to serve in the church, through several relaunched ministries, as we look to strengthen our commitments, connections, and contributions here.

New Service Patterns Starting June 12

Our Saturday service at 5pm will continue to be spoken.

Our 9am service will continue to be held in person and broadcast online and we will be singing more at that service too. We have decided to invest in a better and more permanent camera, and so over the Summer we’ll be able to remove the existing one that is somewhat in the way. But we will no longer be offering drive-thru Holy Communion. If anyone feels unable to come inside for worship, you are still most welcome to watch online and ask us to serve you separately in the lobby after service or to ask someone in attendance to bring communion to you at home, as we have always done.

Now that the most serious COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, and we no longer need to meet outside, we’ll also be moving the 11am service inside permanently instead of having to work around the weather.

Please keep an eye on the app for any updates, but we are currently following the advice of the CDC and the requirements of the State and County as closely as we can.

Our children’s and youth ministries are growing again, and the nursery is returning at both Sunday services soon. All being well, later in the year we will restart the choir and coffee ministries too.

I’m so pleased with where we are as a body and with what we have endured. Whether you’ve been here for years, or you’ve only seen us online once, I’d now like to invite you to join us!

Yours in Christ,
Rev’d Alex