Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Current Series:
Jonah: The Forgiveness of God

September 28-November 17

Have you been hurt and found it hard to forgive? Perhaps you’ve even struggled to forgive yourself.

Every time we talk about the forgiveness of God, someone is freed from years of pain by the outrageous grace of God, so we’d like to share our Fall sermon series—Jonah: The Forgiveness of God—with anyone who needs a new start.

Jonah is one of the best-known minor prophets. But away from the popular story of the fish, we find a man wrestling constantly with the forgiveness of God. Forgiveness is one of the hardest subjects we face as believers and many of us struggle with the idea that God forgives people, let alone the idea of forgiving others and seeking it for ourselves.

Weekly Sermon Titles

Sept. 28/29: Fleeing from the Job
Oct. 5/6: Fleeing from God
Oct. 13*: The Storm Calms
Oct. 19/20: Prayer from the Jaws of Death
Oct. 26/27: A Big Message to a Big City
Nov. 2/3: Repent!
Nov. 9/10: Grumpy About Grace
Nov. 16/17: The Compassion of God

*Note: the October 12 service will not follow the series. Bishop Hobby will be preaching at the ordination service for Rev. Ben Wulpi as he enters the priesthood.