Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Current Series:
Six (more) lies of satan and why we still believe them

April 23-May 29, 2022

Satan loves to tempt, condemn, and confuse and he’s most effective when we fail to notice who it is behind our thoughts. As we return to our series from last year, we hope expose six more lies, all of which can be found in just one passage from Luke chapter 4.
Weekly Sermon Titles

Apr. 23-24: Let Me Educate You
Apr. 30-May 1: If You Were Really a Christian, You’d Never Be Tempted
May 7-8: You Should Be Comfortable
May 14-15: You’re In Control
May 21-22: They’ll Be Impressed with You If …
May 28-29: God Owes You an Explanation

Readings & bulletins for each service can be found here.