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Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Current Series:
Reveal: The Miracles of jesus, pt. II

July 17-September 5, 2021

This Summer we return to part two of our series from 2019 looking at the miracles of Jesus. Although each miracle stands alone as a witness to Christ’s power over nature, the forces of evil, sickness, and even death, together they reveal both who Jesus is (God) and what God is like (Jesus). They also reveal our need for Him, and his healing, rescue, provision, delivery, restoration, forgiveness and salvation.
Weekly Sermon Titles

July 17-18: Fish!
July 24-25: Healing & Cleansing
July 31-Aug. 1: The Frenemy’s Servant
Aug. 7-8: A Widow’s Son
Aug. 14-15: Jesus Defeats Legions of Demons
Aug. 21-22: The Outcast & the High Roller
Aug. 28-29: Jesus & the Majesty of God
Sept. 4-5: Jesus Breaks the Sabbath Rules (again)

Readings & bulletins for each service can be found here.