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Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Current Series:
James: A Working Faith

September 27-November 22, 2020

Many Christians struggle with the tension between faith and works. We know that we are justified by grace through faith alone, and that means we can’t save ourselves through our good works. In fact, God saves us, in spite of ourselves for no better reason than He loves us. Yet we also know that He cares about what we do, judges us according to how we live our lives, and that if we claim to have a faith but there is nothing to show for it, then something must be very wrong.
The more we dig into this subject, the more complicated it seems to get. Stray one way or the other just a bit, and suddenly you’re a heretic. But the book of James tackles this tough theological tension head on and gives some really practical advice as it does.
Weekly Sermon Titles

Sept. 27: Tested Faith
Oct. 4: Active Faith
Oct. 11: Rich in Faith
Oct. 18: Dead Faith
Oct. 25: Double Faith
Nov. 1: Humble Faith
Nov. 8: Faith in Money
Nov. 15: Faith and Suffering, Pt. 1
Nov. 22: Faith and Suffering, Pt. 2