Annual Giving Estimates

Annual Giving Estimates

Our Vestry will be meeting in two weeks to finalize the budget for 2022. We thank everyone who has submitted their intention of giving information, and ask that those who haven’t please do so.

We have 4 easy ways for you to let us know your plans:
   1.  Complete the Estimate of Giving Form on our website
   2.  On the homepage of our app
   3.  Complete a paper copy of the Intention of Giving Form, available in the lobby
   4.  Contact our Finance Manager, Niki De Luca @ 412-963-8966

You can also read our informational brochure about our current finances and our future vision, and watch our series of short videos explains the theology of giving from the beginning to the end of scripture. It is presented by Rev. Alex, but was researched by our Vestry.

Nature of Giving Video Series

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