New Book Study: The Color of Compromise

New Book Study: The Color of Compromise

In the light of the horrible injustices that have been revealed in the last couple of weeks, many white Christians are asking, “What can I do?” We will not solve this issue overnight, and we will not in our own strength bring about the reconciliation of racial and social divides. But one thing we can do is listen, learn to understand, and to repent of our complicity with injustice.

To that end, I want to invite you into conversation to wrestle with these things: racism, injustice, and our role in pointing the world to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of it all. Starting on Saturday, June 20, I will be hosting a book study working through the book The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby. Tisby looks carefully at the ways in which the American church has implicitly and explicitly worked with racial injustice throughout history. This conversation is not aimed at making us feel bad about ourselves, but about helping us to understand our own complicity so that we can move forward with our Gospel witness in justice and peace.

We will meet at 2pm on Saturdays starting June 20, outside at the church or online over Zoom, weather dependent. Please purchase the book (Amazon, Hearts & Minds Books, or Barnes & Noble) or let me know by June 10 if I can order it for you. If you need any financial assistance, please let me know and the church will help. You will need to RSVP and register for the meeting, so please do email me to let me know that you’ll be joining, or to ask any questions.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Ben Wulpi

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