Message from Rev. Alex: Service Schedule Update

Message from Rev. Alex: Service Schedule Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Starting the weekend of April 10, we will have a slight change in our service offerings. The Saturday 5pm service will remain a spoken indoor service, and the Sunday 9am service will be inside with some limited music. The 11am service will be entirely outside with plenty of congregational singing (just like before COVID!) 

This is deliberate. We want to offer sufficient options to care for everyone from those who are vulnerable to those who are completely unconcerned and just want to do as much as possible.

We’ve worked out how to use the building safely and efficiently, but outside is a little bit harder due to the space, the weather, and the number of people there. Making it work relies on your help, so if you come to a

service on the lawn please:

• Dress for the weather. We will only cancel a service if it’s horrific out there.

• Watch your app. The service will be going ahead outside unless we cancel it by 10am or move it inside if numbers allow.

• Bring a chair.

• Arrive early if you want a seat near to the front and under the tents.

• Spread out. You might feel safe but the person next to you could have a particular vulnerability that you don’t know about. Respecting that, even if you have no concerns of your own, is a solid Christian principle.

• If you are the kind of person who just wants to participate, and can live with some inconvenience, please consider sitting somewhere a bit rubbish from time to time such as in a distant shrubbery, or on my kitchen roof. This act of selflessness will enable us to respect the rules on distancing and maximize the numbers who can attend.

Love in Christ,
Rev’d Alex

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