Message from Rev. Alex: Giving 2021

Message from Rev. Alex: Giving 2021

Dear Friends,

2020 has been a difficult year and 2021 looks uncertain too. Planning a budget in times like these is difficult, but there are several Christian principles that do not change:

  • It’s important to think about money regularly, it’s one of the most frequently occurring
    subjects in the bible;
  • God calls us to prioritize the kingdom, especially when the world is letting us down;
  • a crisis can be a catalyst for renewal and growth, for us personally and as a church.

Teaching on money this year
Normally we teach on money for several weeks in the Fall. But these sermons are primarily aimed at our members and with people watching from around the world, I didn’t feel comfortable doing it that way this time. So, this year we’re sharing a series of short videos instead, The Nature of Giving. I’ve tried to keep each video to under a minute (which I kind of nearly did, if you minus the bible reading and round down to the nearest number beginning with a “1”). We’ll e-mail links to the videos in our weekly announcements, they will be available on our website and in the CCFC app.

Although it’s me speaking, most of the ideas are from our Vestry, who recently led their own study on the subject, I took notes, and used them for the videos. There are ten different teachings here, from ten different people, yet the outcome is remarkably clear.

What you can do
We now track and control spending so well, that the only really difficult thing about planning a church budget is predicting income. That’s exaggerated by the uncertainties we’re all facing right now.

I’ll write again later in the year with some practical information on how to communicate with us. Still the best thing you can do is to let us know what you hope to give next year and talk to us if your giving has to pause or go down. When that happens, my biggest worry is not money, it’s you. Our family lived through that when I grew up and it can be hard.

For now, if you have the time, please watch the videos each week and use this season to review your theology of giving. God calls us to trust him even more in times like this.

Love in Christ,
Rev’d Alex

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