Level IV Reopening Begins on Oct. 3

Level IV Reopening Begins on Oct. 3

As of October 3, we will be at Level IV of our reopening plan. What does this mean?

  • Broadcast services continue, with drive-thru communion available immediately following the service
  • Three services are available; all require pre-registration:
    Saturday evening @ 5pm (indoor, spoken communion service)
    Sunday morning @ 9am (indoor communion service)
    Sunday morning @ 11am (outdoor communion service) with Children’s Ministry
  • Temperature checks & masks required at all CCFC events
  • Seating will be assigned for indoor services
  • Movement & physical contact within the building will be restricted as much as possible
  • There will be one point of entry and one exit for indoor services:
    enter through the front door (on the circle)
    exit through the porch door (facing the lawn) promptly when the service has ended
  • Congregational singing is permitted while wearing a mask at both indoor and outdoor services
  • Readings & prayers of the people will be read by the staff
  • No choir
  • No physical touch at the peace
  • No collection plate passed
  • Use of restrooms restricted to emergencies only

We’ll add a few more things soon as we transition to this new phase:

  • Nursery available in the Parlor for both Sunday morning services starting on Oct. 11
  • Children’s Ministry will become available for both Sunday morning services
  • External groups permitted to return, subject to usage requirements


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