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Level IIIb Instructions

Level IIIb Instructions

Updated September 16

General Information:

  • the building is still closed with exceptions by appointment
  • pastoral care and small groups will take place by phone or online where reasonable
  • in person visits are available if needed (outside where possible)
  • small groups can meet in person outside (registration required & follow any group rules)
  • broadcast services continue
  • drive-thru communion available immediately following the broadcast service
  • limited amount of outdoor service attendees via pre-registration; number of attendees permitted per state guidelines for groups (masks required, follow social distancing protocols)  Click here for full details.
  • congregational singing outside permitted (masks required, follow social distancing protocols)
  • Children’s Ministry available (outdoor, pre-registration required)
  • group outdoor meetings permitted (under 50 people) with signed release form and pre-registration (masks & temperature checks required, follow social distancing protocols)

Instructions for Receiving Holy Communion
If you want to receive Holy Communion please worship online first and come over to church at the end of the broadcast. Receiving Holy Communion is the culmination of a carefully crafted service and we are keeping the first part online so that you can hear the word, confess your sins, and be assured of God’s grace, before coming here in person.

We will still serve Communion safely in factory-sealed containers of bread and wine.We ask that you remain in your vehicle.

Instructions for Taking Communion to Someone Else
If you want to take Communion to a member of our church who cannot be here, please speak to Rev. Ben Wulpi first and he can remind you of things we’ve published before about home Communion and our Lending iPads for those who need it.

I know that our plan might seem intricate and unusual, but it enables us to serve Holy Communion in both kinds to every member of our church safely and to ensure that no one is excluded simply because they are vulnerable. It also means that when the weather permits, we can gather to worship as a congregation for the first time in several months.

Instructions for Making Donations
The safest and easiest way to give is to mail in checks or ask your bank to take care for that for you on a regular basis. Our new app also enables electronic giving and it is quick and easy to use.

If giving something in person is a really important part of your pattern of worship, we won’t be passing a plate or handling things you give, but there will be a donations box available at the door when you receive Communion.