In-Person Services to Begin August 23

In-Person Services to Begin August 23

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to say that starting Sunday, August 23 we’ll be able to start meeting again for worship together in person each week. We believe that God intends us to worship together and I know that many of us have been missing the experience.

New Online Service Broadcast Time: 9am
Our plan is to hold a service at 9am (online only just as we’ve been doing at 10am for many months). Then to serve drive-thru Holy Communion at 9:45am (like we did in the first few weeks of re-opening). This enables every member to worship, sit under the Word, and receive Holy Communion no matter how vulnerable one might be.

New In-Person Service Time: 11am
The great news is that if you would like to worship here in person, you can also do that too at a new 11am outdoor service. 

Initially, we’ll still have some fairly significant restrictions on how this works: there are limited spaces, you will need to register first, and can only come if you answer all of our screening questions negatively; we’ll be meeting outside on the lawn under a large tent; masks are required; we’re asking people not to sing along with the music just yet; and you will need to bring your own chair and electronic copy of the bulletin with you.

Obviously, this is nothing like where we want to be, but it’s a huge improvement on where we’ve been and it’s a great step forward when you think back to what things looked like in March.

I should probably say that in the last few months we’ve become quite familiar with making and unmaking our plans. Only the Lord knows how things will go. We can’t really plan anything fully, but we can plan to plan. This is just the latest development, there will be many more, and thankfully this is a very positive one.

I can’t wait to see you.

Love in Christ,
Rev’d Alex

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