Adult Forum to Return on September 5

Adult Forum to Return on September 5

The Adult Forum is returning this September!

What is it?
The Adult Forum is a small group bible study that meets between the services to discuss the Bible passages appointed for the day. Sometimes we cover aspects of a passage that we were not able to get into in the sermon, and often we seek to tie the discussion into the wider context of the whole series. It’s a time to ask practical and theological questions and to apply the teaching to our lives together and is very informal in style.vNo special knowledge or outside study is necessary, just bring your bible.

When is it?
10:15-10:45. Initially on the first Sunday of the month

Where is it?
In the Meeting House (the white-clad building that you pass as you drive through the parking lot near the playground).

Who can come?
Anyone even vaguely grown-up.                  

What do I need to bring?
A bible.

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