Register for Services

Register for Services

Which services require registration?
Registration is required for our indoor services at 5pm on Saturday evenings and at 9am on Sunday mornings from Tuesday afternoon through 9am Friday morning.

Registration is not required for our outdoor service on Sunday mornings at 11am.

Why do we require registration?
Registration is important for two reasons: so that we know who is coming (seating is limited) and who was here (for contact tracing.)

Please include the names of each person attending in your group.

We don’t want to turn anyone away.
If you miss the deadline, please contact the office to see if there are seats available.

Only Register Those Who You Know Will Be Attending (Including Guests)
If the number of people who can attend changes, you can modify your reservation right from your confirmation e-mail in the Order Summary section.

Register for may 15-16 Services

Saturday, 5pm Spoken Communion Service
Sunday, 9am Indoor Communion Service

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