The Reverend Alexander Shuttleworth

The Reverend Alexander Shuttleworth

Alex was born in Liverpool in the UK and grew up in rural Devon. He then worked in London as a lawyer for ten years where he specialized in litigation.

Alex was ordained in the Church of England, he has degrees in theology from Bristol and Canterbury Universities and previously served as an assistant minister at Holy Trinity Redhill, a large evangelical church south of London. He was also the senior pastor of Timplerely Church, a small church in a deprived area.

He is married to Kat, an American and now also British citizen and they have two young children, Ben and Hannah.

His interests are photography, running, anything with an engine in it and watching his favorite teams come last every year. Although very comfortable in Pittsburgh: the perfect blend of Liverpool, Devon and London, he is still adjusting to supporting teams that win.

Associate & Youth Minister
The Reverend Ben Hughes

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