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Home Worship Resources

Home Worship Resources

With our physical church services shut down (but still very much going online), and many of us self-isolating in our homes, let’s take advantage of this opportunity to continue to be the church and to bring more prayer into our homes! We know that where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, He is there among you (Matthew 18:20). So anytime your family or a small group of you sit down with the intention of praying together, you are in fact having church.

The clergy are always available by phone or email to talk with you and pray with you about how to do this, but we also wanted to make available to you a list of resources for personal and small group prayer. In the Anglican church tradition, we have a variety of rich resources for our devotional life, and most of them center around the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.

We’ve created a number of different pages to help you stay connected:
Maintaining (and Growing!) Your Spiritual Life
Bulletins for Home Worship
Prayers & Collects
Resources for Families
Scriptures for Use by a Sick Person
Service Broadcasts
The Book of Common Prayer