I WILL: The Promises of God (Page 2)

I WILL: The Promises of God (Page 2)

June 21: I Will Deliver

Like all covenants the maker states His name first. His name tells us why we can trust His promises. The promise to rescue a people trapped in an impossible trap of slavery. Readings from this service: Exodus 3: 4-12 Psalm …

June 14: I Will Bless

The foundational promise of the whole of the story of Israel as fulfilled in Christ—to be a blessing to the nations. God’s blessing is never just for our own sakes, but an order to be a blessing. Readings from this …

June 7: He Will Win

Rev. Alex begins our new series this week, I WILL: The Promises of God. God makes numerous promises in the bible, often to people in uncertain times. Unlike human promises, they are 100% guaranteed because of who God is. Our …
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